Working Alongside People with Intellectual and Learning Disabilities

CLA seeking live-in mentor


Immerse yourself in the world of Community Work. Apply to be an in-house mentor to a young person establishing stable accommodation

Community Living Association are seeking a live-in mentor who will act in the role of supportive flat-mate for a young lady who lives in a 2 bedroom unit in Moorooka.  

She is 21 year old lady who enjoys volunteering at a Child Care Centre 2 days a week.  This young person has a very gentle nature, loves and is great with animals and small children.  

Since she has moved out from her family home a year ago, she has been living with a live in mentor for the last one year.  Since the current live in mentor is planning to move on with another phase of her life, we are looking for a new person.

She normally spends her weekdays going to volunteer work, reading books, watching DVD, cooking, and doing some house work.  On the weekends, she tends to catch up with her family members and friends where she often stays over at their places.

Some of the characteristics of  an ideal mentor include:


  •     A lady who is older and mature (mid twenties to late thirties) who is working and/or studying.
  •     Someone who she can look up to (a good role model).
  •     Someone who does not smoke (or smoke outside), and if she drinks only socially.
  •     Someone who is not too loud (in communication style as well as in lifestyle)
  •     Someone who can give prompts and directions, but not in a bossy way.
  •     Someone who would not exploit her for her nice nature.

The supports this young lady will benefit from the mentor include;

  •     Support around planning balanced meals and creating a grocery shopping list.
  •     Support around doing grocery shopping at least for the first month or two.
  •     Support around setting up house rules (e.g. visitors, house chores etc).
  •     Support around boundaries (e.g. Support the young person to put boundaries around visitors so the home stays private and safe).
  •     Some prompts around house work (e.g. washing sheets).  This young person is good at house work and takes directions really well, but appreciates occasional reminders and clear structures (such as a cleaning roster).

As an in house mentor, you will receive ongoing support and assistance in your role, from Social Workers at Community Living Association.  Rent subsidy available for negotiation.

For more information or if you are interested in applying, contact Megumi Hassan (Social Worker) on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0404 757 368.