Working Alongside People with Intellectual and Learning Disabilities


Confidentiality and Privacy Information

Confidentiality means:

•    That the things you talk about at WWILD are kept private
•    Anything you say to WWILD workers will not be talked about to anyone outside WWILD, unless you say that it is OK.

Private information:

•    Is your name, address, phone number, birthday and anything else important you want to tell us.
•    This information is written down in your file so our workers can remember important things. Anything else you want to tell us is also kept private and confidential.
•    If you don’t want us to write down your real name, it is ok to use a fake name.

Outside WWILD:

You (or your carer) have to give permission or say it’s OK for WWILD to share any private information about you to other people, such as:
•    Parents, carers or family members (if you are over 18 years old)
•    Workers from other agencies you get help from and we need to share information to help you in counselling or support.
•    To help workers from other agencies to support you better.

But in some cases we may have to share some private information with others without your permission if:

•    You are under 18 years old and child safety or youth justice request information
•    If you have an assigned Adult Guardian and they request information
•    If your worker is worried about your safety or worried about the safety of other people in your life
•    If your case goes to court, and the judge may want to see your case file.

We will always talk to you before we talk to anyone else, and explain why. We will do everything we can to keep your information private.


Your WWILD worker will discuss this with you when you come to WWILD. If you have questions you can ask your WWILD worker.

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