Working Alongside People with Intellectual and Learning Disabilities

Resources for families, carers and support workers

The Centre Against Sexual Violence in Logan, Qld has a great brochure for family members and supporters of survivors of abuse: Supporting Adult Survivors of Sexual Assault. It is not specific to people with disability, but the information and advice is relevant to all survivors and their supporters. It includes information about: What is Sexual Assault?, Responding to the Survivor, and How you might be feeling and the impact this can have on her. This information is relevant to survivors who are male and female, but uses the term 'her' to acknowledge that the majority of victims are female.


Download the brochure Supporting Adult Survivors of Sexual Assault here.


WWILD has created a list of Easy Read resources for people with intellectual and learning disabilites to help them know their rights, and information on various topics. As a supporter it may be your role to provide information and reassurance. Please see our Easy Read Resources page for resources you can download to go through with someone.


Click here for the Easy Read Resources page.


Enable Scotland have created an excellent resource for families, carers and support workers on supporting adults with intellectual disabilities who have experienced sexual abuse. Please be aware however that it is placed in the Scottish context, so the information about the law is not relevant to the Australian context.


Download Enable Scotland's Unlocking sexual abuse and learning disabilities. Supporting adults with learning disabilities who have been sexually abused: A guide for family carers and support staff here.


You may wish to help the person seek legal advice or to get an advocate to help them negotiate systems like police, disability services or housing.

Please visit our Links pages for listings of Legal Services, Disability Advocacy Services and more.