Working Alongside People with Intellectual and Learning Disabilities




WWILD-SVP Association has two counsellors who work primarily in Wooloowin, but we provide one counsellor one day per week in Logan at Youth and Family Service and one per week in Caboolture at Home Life. See our Contact Us page for our Wooloowin location, call us for details about other locations.

Referral Process


Referrals can be made by anyone – the person themselves, a family member, worker or supporter. The process is to call and speak to a staff member who will take down details of the referral, which then goes to our team meeting to be discussed for priority and timing. A staff member will then contact the referee to offer an appointment, to get more information, or the person may be added to a waiting list for counselling.

About our counsellors

Jill Olver has worked as a counsellor and trainer at WWILD in the Sexual Violence Prevention Service since 2008. The focus of her work is building the existing strengths of people with intellectual disability to decrease their vulnerability and/or deal with the effects of trauma and sexual assault in their lives. Jill takes an eclectic approach that covers psychology, Narrative Therapy, Sand-tray and Art Therapy. Prior to working at WWILD Jill worked counselling across rural and regional Queensland, in the Sexual Assault Service in Canberra, in Indigenous communities and in refugee camps in Zimbabwe. Jill has university qualifications in Psychology and Counselling.

Robyn Evans has worked as a sexual assault counsellor for adults and children for 20 years, before coming to WWILD in 2012. Prior to working at WWILD she had extensive experience working in Indigenous communities and in sexual assault services in rural and urban Victoria, and was also a Violence Prevention Worker at Legal Aid Queensland. She works with adults and young people with intellectual disabilities in processing their abuse experiences and working towards healing. Robyn has university qualifications in Social Welfare and Women’s Studies.


About our counselling

•    We see the person – not their disability.
•    We do not define the person by their sexual abuse/trauma.
•    We believe the client is the expert in their own life (not the counsellor).
•    We understand we need to take time – to engage, build rapport, assess, identify and work on mutually agreed goals.
•    We adjust our communication style knowing that is our job to be understandable (rather than the client’s job to understand).
•    We are mindful of compliance and masking and avoid jargon and asking closed questions.
•    We work with the effects of trauma without needing to directly refer to the event.
•    We normalise effects and acknowledge coping strategies.
•    We seek to empower the client by identifying choices.
•    We aim to improve the client’s self-image and self-protection strategies.
•    We use a range of creative and narrative strategies to concretise abstract concepts such as feelings and enable externalisation.


How to prepare someone for counselling


Print our easy read ‘What is Counselling?’ infosheet, or look at it online with the person.
Explain that it is their choice if they want to come to see us or not, and listen to their answer.
They do not have to tell the story of what happened. Counselling is about helping them to understand and deal with how they are feeling now, and to feel better and more in control.
They can bring someone into the counselling room with them if they want to, it is up to them.
If they are not sure they can visit WWILD first, to meet us before they make up their mind. Call to make an appointment.
Counselling at WWILD is free.
See our Easy English ‘What is Counselling?’ infosheet for more information.

WWILD Sexual Violence Prevention Program is funded by the Department of Communities, QLD. & the WWILD Victims of Crime Disability Training Program is funded by the Department of Justice and Attorney-General, QLD

WWILD Phone: (07) 3262 9877 Email: Address: 211 Hudson Road, WOOLOOWIN QLD 4030 Contact hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm