Working Alongside People with Intellectual and Learning Disabilities

What is counselling

  • Counselling is a safe place to talk about things in your life that are good or bad, and things that stop you from feeling safe and happy.
  • You will use your own strengths against the problem.
  • The counsellor will help you find your own way of feeling happier and more safe in your life
  • Counselling is a special kind of help that involves working through your feelings and problems with a trained counsellor.
  • Everything that you talk about in counselling will be kept private.

Counselling helps you to:

  • feel better about yourself
  • have more control over your life
  • make changes in your life
  • feel and be safe
  • get advice about the problem
  • feel less stressed
  • feel independent
  • Know who you can talk to or get support from .

Who may need counselling?

  • People who have had something bad happen to them and may need help to get through it.
  • Bad things can make people have nightmares, feel angry or sad all the time, or not be able to stop thinking about the thing that happened.
  • People who are having trouble dealing with a problem or something bad that has happened to them.

What will we do in counselling?

  • The counsellor will listen to your story, and help you find your own ways to deal with what has happened to you.
  • WWILD's counsellor, Jill, uses figures, soft toys, drawings, art and craft and her Sandtray to help her clients.
  • The counsellor will help you to find ways for you to tell them what you feel, even if that isn't using words.
  • You can choose what you would like to talk about with the counsellor.
  • The counsellor will make things easy for you to understand
  • Lots of people find that counselling helps them to feel more happy and more safe.
  • Counselling is hard work and it can take a long time, but we do like to have fun at WWILD!
  • In your first counselling session, you will find out more about what we will do together.

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