Working Alongside People with Intellectual and Learning Disabilities

WWILD Groups

WWILD has two kinds of group we run at the moment, WWILD Women's Group and the You and Me Group.


WWILD Women’s Group is for women with intellectual or learning disabilities who have experienced violence sometime in their life or are at risk. It runs every week, and members can come when they want. Ask a WWILD worker about the WWILD Women's Group.


The You and Me Group is a group about relationships, that runs for about 10 weeks. WWILD workers can run this if there is a group of people who are interested. It can be run with men, women or as a mixed group.

WWILD Women’s Group is a fun, safe place to:

  • Spend time with other women
  • Make new friends
  • Learn new skills – we teach each other!
  • Build your self-esteem

We do a different group each week, including

  • pampering & looking after ourselves
  • cooking
  • craft and
  • discussion

For more information about WWILD Women’s Group, call WWILD on 07 3262 9877.
Some of the women worked alongside workers to make these artworks. They are to show you what the groups are about. Click for a closer look.




WWILD Phone: (07) 3262 9877 Email: