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Abuse of people with disability in public places at the centre of this week’s DRC hearing — a topic many Australians know all too well

ABC News, Posted 10.10.2022

By national disability affairs reporter Elizabeth Wright


Last week I was standing on the corner of a crowded intersection waiting to cross the road.

The type of thing many of us do, day in, day out.

Nothing extraordinary here, I know. That was until I noticed a man staring, unashamedly, at my prosthetic leg.

In that moment, I wished that I could’ve shrunk away into the crowd around me.

He glanced up and gave an awkward smile, I frowned back, too scared and embarrassed to tell him to stop.

When the pedestrian signal went green, he continued to stare as I hurried across the road, desperate to get out of his line of vision.

To many people, it may not seem like a big deal.

But when you are subjected to constant staring, or other forms of harassment — it really starts to wear you down.


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