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Family Planning Victoria

Family Planning Victoria – Reproductive and Sexual Health Easy English Factsheets Family Planning Victoria has a range sexual and reproductive health factsheets available in Easy English format. Some of the information in these factsheets are based on what happens in Victoria, but they are still generally helpful. These are written in an easy to read […]


The SECCA App This web based interactive App supports the development of knowledge and skills in navigating sexuality and relationships concepts across the lifespan. It involves a bunch of games and educational modules around foundational concepts of emotions, puberty, menstruation, masturbation and public & private, as well as lessons that get a bit more involved […]

Kids Helpline

Kids Helpline   Kids Helpline have a range of resources for kids and young people up to age 25 across a range of topics around safe relationships.

Sexuality, Relationships and Your Rights – SECCA

Sexuality, Relationships and Your Rights – SECCA   SECCA in Western Australia have created a cross-jurisdictional rights based resource in PDF form about people’s rights to sexuality, relationships and the law – it’s quite comprehensive and covers a range of different topics in Easy English. It is based on Western Australian legal requirements. Click on […]

WWDA Easy Read Resources

Women with Disabilities Australia’s Easy Read Resources   Women with Disabilities Australia (WWDA) have developed online easy read resources for women and girls with disability. Your rights Lead and take part Life choices Sex and your body Safety and violence Each of the topics are listed on a page that open up into easy read accessible […]

True Relationships and Reproductive Health

Safe Relationships, Safer Sex Booklet  – TRUE   Some of us have or want a partner, a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Some of us have or want a sexual relationship. You can keep safe and happy in a sexual relationship. This brochure covers topics such as safe sex practices, consent and what constitutes a sexual […]

What is a Healthy Relationship 

What is a Healthy Relationship    An Easy read guide developed by the Queensland government. For further information click on this LINK

Kids Helpline

Kids Helpline   Kids Helpline have a number of E-Safety resources available across its website.

E-Safety Commission

E-Safety Commission It aims to see that many people living with disability have safe, enjoyable and positive online experiences most of the time. People with disability may also experience higher levels of online abuse. The E-Safety Commissioner wants to support people with disability to manage any online problems they may have and has made some […]

Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC) based in Perth, Western Australia

Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC)  They have created this video to give advice on self-care and coping strategies. It was targeted to a mainstream audience but may be helpful for some people. Click here to watch video.  Sexual Assault Resource Centre: Coping Skills – YouTube Also click on this link to see some other resources. King […]