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Draft Terms of Reference released by Commonwealth Government – WWDA


13 March, 2019

People with disability, and our organisations, today welcome the Federal Government’s release of the Terms of Reference for our Royal Commission into the epidemic of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation  of people with disability.

“We are pleased that the Government is commencing a consultation with people with disability on the Terms of Reference and has published detail on how the Royal Commission will be established and function,” said Carolyn Frohmader, Executive Director of Women With Disabilities Australia, a member of Disabled People’s Organisations Australia (DPO Australia).

“Our Royal Commission must have people with disability at its heart and the Terms of Reference and the selection of Commissioners must reflect that,” said Matthew Bowden, Co-CEO of People with Disability Australia, a member of DPO Australia.

“We will also be looking for a dedicated line in this year’s Federal Budget to give concrete costings, and to make clear that appropriate supports will be funded for people to enable survivors of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation  to meaningfully and safely engage in the Royal Commission,” said Mr Bowden.

“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability’s specific experiences  and needs must take centre stage in this Royal Commission, including dedicated funding for our community to tell our  stories and receive  justice, said Damian Griffis, CEO, First Peoples Disability Network Australia, a member of DPO Australia.

“We must make sure that people with disability from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds have the appropriate support, including all materials being in community languages and interpreters made available, to fully participate in our Royal Commission,” said Dwayne Cranfield, CEO of National Ethnic Disability Alliance, a member of DPO Australia.

“This Royal Commission must make itself accessible to all the places where people with disability live, work and play, including homes, schools, prisons, hospitals, mental health facilities as well as all disability support institutions and organisations,” said Ms Frohmader.

“Providing a safe and accessible environment for people with disability, wherever they are, to engage with this process will ultimately shape the effectiveness of this Royal Commission,” said Mr. Bowden.


DPO Australia has developed a Roadmap to Our Royal Commission that details what we need the Royal Commission to include.


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