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Parents of 11yo autistic boy grieve his ‘entirely preventable’ death in care of Civic Disability Services – ABC News

7.30/By national disability affairs reporter Elizabeth Wright and the Specialist Reporting Team’s Celina Edmonds

Posted 14/2/22

When her 11-year-old son Alex died almost five years ago, Sharon Braverman said she lost her life’s purpose.

“It’s worse than anything I can imagine … the pain is just underneath the rage and the feeling of injustice,” she said.

“I was meant to be Alex’s carer for the rest of my life … he was a gift to me, and anyone who knew him absolutely adored him.”

Ms Braverman now lives with post-traumatic stress disorder and spends much of her time at her Sydney home, where she’s surrounded by reminders of her son.

Alex’s bedding has not been changed since the day he died. Ms Braverman often sits among his pillows and soft toys to feel close to him.

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