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WWILD aims to develop and promote evidenced-based resources that improve the lives, and assist in capacity-building of people with intellectual disabilities, their families or carers, support workers and professionals by providing material that is already freely available in the public domain, or references to useful resources.


The below linked pages list WWILD publications, resources and publicly available third-party website resources to assist self-advocates, professionals and family members/carers supporting a person with intellectual, cognitive and learning disabilities experiencing sexual assault and other forms of exploitation. These include:


There are further resources at these links below:


If you have any feedback regarding these articles, would like to suggest a new resource or notice one of the links no longer working, please email us at info@wwild.org.au.

Some resources are freely available and some have a cost, but please contact WWILD if you are interested in PDF versions or hard copies of our resources.




WWILD SVP Association Inc. has provided an extensive list of third-party research articles, reports and resources relevant to people with intellectual or learning disability, and/or their family members, and carers. This material is either freely available in the public domain, and/or appropriate references have been provided for the user.

The material within this website is provided as an information source only and is subject to change without notice.

Links to third party sites are inserted for convenience for the website user. WWILD SVP Association Inc. does not necessarily endorse the views presented in the articles or websites and is not responsible for any consequences of viewing and relying on this content.

WWILD SVP Association Inc. takes all reasonable precautions to ensure the accuracy, effectiveness and reliability of information provided and any third-party website links and content are safe and appropriate for the users.

However, website users, individuals and organisations utilising available resources are responsible for making their own assessment, decision-making and actions or consequences of using the information provided.

WWILD disclaims all responsibility and all liability – including without limitation, liability in negligence – for all expenses, losses, damages and costs individuals and/or organisations might incur as a result of the information being inaccurate or incomplete in any way, and for any reason.



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