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Half of all Australians have been victims of tech abuse, landmark study reveals

ABC News – By the Specialist Reporting Team’s Gemma Breen; Posted 28.7.22


Lin* doesn’t answer phone calls from unknown numbers. Ever.


It’s been this way ever since a man she briefly dated 10 years ago began inundating her with threats and abuse online and over the phone.

“He was very nice, but he wasn’t my usual type,” said Lin, who had met her abuser via an online dating site.

However, in the three months and seven dates they went on together, she started to notice some red flags.

“He would say that all of his exes were psychopaths,” she said.

“I told him I had no desire to have children. And I couldn’t have biological children. But he was hell-bent on the idea of having kids.”

What happened to Lin next highlights the findings of a key national report — released on Thursday — on a wide ranging and complex method of abuse that is much more common than many people think.

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