Professional Training

Professional training is available to human service workers across Queensland on issues affecting people with intellectual, learning or cognitive disabilities such as:

  • Working alongside people with an intellectual/learning disability
  • Counselling with people with intellectual and learning disabilities, responding to trauma and appropriate  therapeutic approaches
  • Responding to disclosures of sexual abuse
  • Domestic and family violence
  • Understanding the criminal justice system and the rights of people with an intellectual disability, such as reporting a crime to police
  • Supporting a person with intellectual disability experiencing mental health issues and disorders
  • Relationships and sex education

We have some training packages available and may during the year offer this face to face training at WWILD.  We can also tailor training to the needs of the organization or group as well. We often hold webinars or have online training (see below) as well.

The training is offered at a low cost within the South East Queensland area, but for face to face training in areas outside South-east corner we may need to negotiate arrangements to cover travel and accommodation.

WWILD also collaborates with other non-government organisations in developing several community education and training events throughout the year.

WWILD staff are always happy to provide information, advice and professional development support if professionals or family members/carers require it.

Click here for further information: Upcoming Events and Training



Online Training

WWILD offers 3 online training modules to allied health professionals or disability support workers. These modules are free to access.



Recorded Webinars

Webinars have previously been recorded around the subject areas of:

  • Domestic and Family Violence
  • Pregnancy decision-making support and reproductive coercion and abuse

To access recorded webinars click on link – Recorded Webinars



Community Education with People with Intellectual and Learning Disabilities.

WWILD aims to:

  • Run educational and therapeutic groups for people with intellectual disabilities. These include the Women’s Group, You and Me – a relationships group, Domestic Violence therapeutic group, a Sexuality group and LGBTIQ+ group. See Groups to learn more.
  • Advocates for and supports opportunities for self-advocates to participate in research and other types of government consultations, promoting awareness and building empowerment and capacity for self-advocates around the issue of sexual violence and recovery.
  • Provide opportunities for clients/self-advocates to participate and/or contribute in other ways to our training program and resource development program where appropriate and meaningful.
  • And promote issues relevant to people with an intellectual disability by having a presence at community events such as conferences and public forums, and making policy submissions to government policy legislative reviews, royal commission etc.