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What is Counselling


What is Counselling?

Counselling is a safe place to talk about the good or bad things in your life.

Counselling helps you work through your feelings and problems.

The counsellor should help you find your own way of feeling happier and safer.

Everything that you talk about in counselling is kept private.

Counselling helps you to:


  • feel better about yourself
  • have more control
  • feel safe and be safe
  • get advice about the problem
  • feel less worried
  • make some changes
  • and know who you can talk to or get support from.

Who may need counselling?counselling3

People who have had something bad happen to them and may need some help.

Bad things can cause bad dreams or nightmares.

And can make people feel angry, scared, sad or shaky all the time.

Or can’t stop thinking about the bad things that happened.

What will we do in counselling?

The counsellors listen to your story. counselling4

The counsellors help you find your own ways to deal with what happened to you.

The counsellors use figures, soft toys, drawings, art, craft and Sand-tray to help you tell them what you feel. You don’t have to use words.

The counsellors will make things easy to understand.

You decide what you want to talk about with the counsellor.

Lots of people find that counselling helps them to feel more happy and safe.

Counselling is hard work and can take a long time, but we do like to have fun at WWILD.

In your first counselling session, you will find out more about what we will do together.


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