Listen Up! Project 2022-2023

We are currently making some animation videos with women who have intellectual disabilities and have experienced violence.

The videos aim to challenge the myths and assumptions people make about women with intellectual disabilities and how this affects the rates of violence experienced by this group.

We will also be developing online training to be presented in 2022 alongside our project peer workers.


Listen Up! Project. 2020-2022

And You Think You’re the Expert?  Podcast, Videos and a Booklet 

For this project, we consulted with women who have an intellectual disability about what makes safe, accessible services for them, after an experience of violence, such as sexual assault and/or domestic and family violence.

We have created a 7-episode podcast and an accompanying booklet and videos that discusses disability, violence and accessibility and is hosted by the experts!

Each episode, our experts interview a worker in this field; a sexual violence counsellor, a domestic violence worker, a support worker, a support coordinator, a mental health worker and a police officer.

Our experts offer their wisdom and advice to the workers.

There are also some accompanying videos.


To listen to the podcast episodes, watch the videos or see the booklet, please click on:

Home page – And you think you’re the expert (