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Research Articles

WWILD-SVP Association Inc. promotes evidenced-based research around the lived experience of people with intellectual and learning disabilities, and have provided a list of research articles and reports on these issues.

WWILD also aims to provide material that is already freely available in the public domain, however that is not always possible so we have provided references to articles which are not freely available.

Categories include:

Counselling with People with Intellectual Disabilities

Sexual Assault, Vulnerability and Abuse

Australian Disability Royal Commission 

Domestic & Family Violence Research and Resources

Mental Health and Intellectual Disability Research and Resources

Legal System Research Articles

Sexuality & Sex Education

Parents who have Intellectual Disabilities



WWILD-SVP Association Inc. does not necessarily agree or endorse the views presented in these articles or the journals and organisations that support the authors.

Links to third party sites are inserted for convenience only. WWILD is not responsible for content of these sites, or the consequences of viewing and relying on this content. Third Party sites are not necessarily endorsed by WWILD-SVP Association Inc.

If you have any feedback regarding these articles, have trouble accessing any links or would like to suggest a resource, please email us at info@wwild.org.au.