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Sexual Assault, Vulnerability and Abuse Articles

Australian Institute of Family Studies, 2017, Challenging misconceptions about sexual offending: Creating an evidence‑based resource for police and legal practitioners; Commonwealth of Australia

Reports of sexual offences crimes have increased over the last six years (Australian Bureau of Statistics [ABS], 2016). Despite the prevalence of sexual offending in our communities, there is a lack of understanding about these crimes. Myths and misconceptions about sexual offending are common (Cossins, 2013). This is understandable, because sexual offending is a profoundly hidden crime. Much of what we know about sexual crime is imagined or gained through mainstream media (O’Hara, 2012). Most people would not be fully aware of the vast body of scientific literature regarding sexual offending. This is despite the fact that specialist knowledge is the key to effectively responding to sexual crime in the criminal justice system (Cossins, 2006). The purpose of this resource is to synthesise over 40 years of research evidence to present an accurate and updated picture of sexual offending. With specialist knowledge, we can work towards improving criminal justice responses and outcomes in cases of sexual crime. Link: Challenging-Misconceptions-Report_web.pdf (includingyou.com.au)
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North Side Connect Inc. Podcast, 2022, The Injustice of Intimacy’

Based in north Brisbane, they provide services such as legal advice, domestic violence support, practical relief from life stressors as well as a safe place to connect and reinforce the sense of community.

Series 1: Intimate Partner Sexual Violence (IPSV)-

Series 2: Coercive Control

In this podcast women share their stories about recognising and getting help for Intimate Partner Sexual Violence (IPSV) and Coercive Control. Be aware that they are speaking about sexual violence and domestic violence, so if you plan to use these podcasts with clients, they may be triggering for them and cause distress. It is best to listen to them first before recommending them to others.  Link: The Injustice of Intimacy (buzzsprout.com)

Our Watch, & Women with Disabilities Victoria., 2022, Prevention of violence against women and girls with disabilities: Background paper. Melbourne, Australia: Our Watch. Link: https://apo.org.au/sites/default/files/resource-files/2022-02/apo-nid316316_2.pdf

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Women with Disabilities Victoria have created a series of videos and printed resources to improve our understanding of women with disabilities and their experiences of violence and abuse. These resources have been developed for people with disabilities and also the support workers and other health professionals that support them. Please go to this LINK to access these resources.