Current Group Information

Updated 16th December 2022

WWILD’s Wednesday Groups – Will be back January 18th, 2023!

WWILD supports two ongoing Groups which meets on Wednesday mornings and afternoons.

The goal of these group is to provide a safe space for people who have experienced violence or abuse to:

  • meet new people
  • practice social skills and build friendships
  • learn and teach new skills and knowledge
  • improve self-esteem and being valued.

The group members make decisions on what they want to do. There are a cooking, craft, self-care and discussion activity once a month. Group members may also attend and contribute to special events.

Gingerbread person outline with collage and words written inside - self esteem activity

Morning Group

When: 10am – 12pm Wednesday mornings

Where: WWILD’s Wooloowin office

Who: Women Only



Example of activity



Afternoon Group

When: 1pm-3pm – Wednesday afternoons

Where: WWILD’s Wooloowin office

Who: Women and Non-Binary people

If you would like to come along or refer someone, please phone WWILD on (07)-32629877.

Painting shows 2 hands joined over a love heart with words Strong Women

Domestic and Family Violence Group for Women with Intellectual Disabilities 

WWILD runs a short-term therapeutic group for women with intellectual or learning disabilities, who have had domestic and family violence in their past. It aims to build knowledge and capacity around DFV. The group runs at pace of and responds to the needs of group members.

Time: Weekly for up to 10 Weeks

If you are interested, want to refer someone or need more information, phone WWILD on (07) 32629877.

You and Me Relationships Group 

WWILD periodically runs short-term relationships education groups. It focuses on building knowledge and skills in relationships, aiming to help prevent sexual and domestic violence, and other types of abuse. The group runs at pace of and responds to needs of group members. 

Time: Weekly for 10 weeks

If you are interested, want to refer someone or need more information, phone WWILD on Ph: (07) 3262 9877.

WWILD LGBTQ+ Group – Rainbow Allsorts Group

WWILD holds a group for people with intellectual disabilities who are part of the LGBTQ+ community or are questioning.

This group, currently focused on attending LGBTQI+ community events together.

Rainbow Allsorts is run according to the needs of group members, so time and structure is flexible.

It is free to attend, and we are always open to new people who are interested in getting to know like-minded people.

Contact people: Phone Hannah or Billie on (07) 3262 9877.