What Does WWILD Do

At WWILD we can provide support and information to people with intellectual or learning disabilities who are at risk of, or have been victims of sexual violence, or other types of crime or exploitation.

Information, Advice and Referral:

If you have been a victim of sexual assault or other types of crime, you may want to know:

  • what help is available to you
  • what are your choices or options
  • and where you can go for help.

We can also help you find other services. We can talk to you on the phone or in person. You can also click Other Services to find out more.

Information, advice and referral is available Queensland-wide. 

Call WWILD on 07 3262 9877.

Counselling support:

We can help with counselling support. 

You may want to talk to someone about how you are feeling.

Click here to read What Is Counselling 

Click HERE to find out about WWILD’s Counselling program.


Victim of crime workers may help you:

  • Work out what you want to do
  • Talk about how to feel safer in your community
  • Talk to police, attend court or appointments with lawyers
  • Apply for Domestic violence orders or Legal Aid
  • Apply for financial help from Victims Support Queensland
  • Seek appropriate disability support like NDIS, Centrelink 
  • Find out about community activities or groups.

Click HERE to find out more about the program.

Click here for ‘What to do if someone hurts you‘ information.

WWILD Groups

WWILD has regular Wednesday groups and short-term therapeutic groups that are run a few times a year. Please click on WWILD groups page to find out more: 

  • Wednesday groups – Mornings or Afternoons
  • ‘You and Me’ relationships group
  • Domestic and Family Violence group
  • Sex and Sexuality group
  • LGBTQ+ Rainbow Allsorts Group.
Painting shows 2 hands joined over a love heart with words Strong Women

Disability Royal Commission – 2020 – 2023

We also help people who would like to talk to the Disability Royal Commission and share their stories.

Click Here to learn more about the Disability Royal Commission project at WWILD.

Professional Training and Community Education 

WWILD runs training workshops and community education groups during the year. Click Here to find out more.

WWILD’s Online Training are available Here 

Recorded Webinars are available Here.


LISTEN UP! Project 2022 – 2024

We are currently making some animation videos with women who have intellectual disabilities and have experienced violence.

We will also be presenting training in 2022/3 alongside our project peer workers. 

Click on Listenup! to find out more. 

For more information on COVID-19/Flu plan for anyone attending WWILD premises or outreach services, please click on this LINK

For more information about all WWILD’s services, please call WWILD on 07 3262 9877.