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About Us


  • Supports people with intellectual disabilities, age 12 and over, who are survivors of crime by providing free counselling, case management support and therapeutic groups to those at-risk or have been victims of crime or exploitation.
  • Assists with community education and training for professionals, families, carers and people with intellectual disabilities, building knowledge and skills in our community in order to prevent violence, help people recover, and if people wish, assist people to access justice.
  • Creates resources which are available free of charge and are found on this website or by contacting WWILD.

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Programs and Funding

WWILD is funded by:

  • The Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-General provide funding for our Sexual Violence Prevention Service – Counselling, Community Education and Training
  • The Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-General provide funding for our Disability Training Program – Victims of Crime – Case management, Counselling, Community Education and Training.
  • Commonwealth Department of Social Services – WWILD is being subcontracted by Micah Projects, to offer counselling and case management support to people who want to talk about the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability.
  • Commonwealth Department of Social Services – Listen Up! Project – 4-year project to develop resources that assist women with an intellectual disability across Queensland that increase knowledge of rights and safety within relationships and organisations.


Target Group includes:

  • People with intellectual and/or learning disabilities aged 12 years and over who have experienced or are at risk of sexual assault, violence or exploitation.
  • People with intellectual or learning disabilities who are looking for relationship’s education and support in learning social and relationship skills through our groupwork program, and a domestic and family violence and/or sexuality group program held once a year.
  • Counsellors, case workers, parents and carers, disability support workers and community services who are looking for training and support in evidence-based practice ways of working with people with intellectual and/or learning disabilities who are at risk or have experienced sexual assault, violence or been victims of other crime or exploitation.



  • Individual trauma counselling.
  • Victim of Crime case management support for survivors of violence and exploitation, families, services to understand rights and options, and help access the justice system and other services.
  • Therapeutic and education groups such as healthy relationships; protective behaviours; sexual violence; domestic and family violence; self-esteem; sex education and sexuality; social skills; and human rights and social inclusion.
  • Training and professional development opportunities for service providers in issues related to sexual violence prevention and recovery.
  • Information, support and resource development on issues about disability, sexual violence, relationships and sex education, victim of crime support, counselling people with intellectual disabilities, and domestic and family violence.
  • Opportunities for individual service users to participate in service development, community education and training, and government and non-government initiatives/consultation which improve academic research, government policy and build the capacity of women and men with intellectual or learning disabilities. These opportunities are focused on supporting service users to develop a role or skills in self-advocacy, building confidence and self-esteem.
  • Promote disability related issues through the presentation of papers at conferences, seminars and workshops.


Constitution and Policies:

View WWILD’s Constitution hereWWILD Constitution 2023

WWILD believes the rights of people we work with are important. 

View our policy here: Client Rights Policy 2023

View our Easy Read version here: Your Rights – WWILD – FINAL- 2023

WWILD believes your confidentiality and privacy is important.

View our policy here: Confidentiality and Privacy Policy 2023

View our Easy Read version here: WWILD – Confidentiality Privacy – Easyread -2023

WWILD believes your feedback and complaints are important.

View our policy here: WWILD Complaints and Disputes Policy 2023

View our Easy Read version here: WWILD – Making a Complaint – 2023

WWILD believes in the importance of the safety and well-being of children.

View our policy here: Safety and Well-being of Children Policy 2023

Acknowledgement of Country 

View our Acknowledgement of Country Information Sheet here: WWILD Acknowledgement of Country.