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Cover page of the WWILD Sexual Assault booklet
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‘You Deserve To Be Safe’ – A Simple English Booklet About Sexual Assault

WWILD has developed an easy read booklet to support Queenslanders to understand:

  • what is sexual violence
  • how it might make you feel
  • and what are your safety options.

This booklet was developed with the support of WWILD women, a range of colleagues from the Queensland Sexual Assault Sector, and with support from the 2019 Queensland Government Sexual Violence Prevention Grants program.

Download a copy of the booklet please click on link: WWILD SA Booklet

Professionally printed hard copies are also freely available.

Pick Up: If you would like to pick some up from our north Brisbane office, please phone or email info@wwild.org.au with your contact details, which booklet and the total number you would like. Please note though we can give only away a maximum of 10 copies for each order.

Posted: Please note we limit each order to 1 package of 10 copies. The only cost will be postage. Click WWILD SA Booklet Order.

This booklet and its content were developed and published by WWILD SVP ASSOCIATION INC.© 2019 All Rights Reserved.