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Cover page of the WWILD Sexual Assault booklet
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‘You Deserve to Be Safe’ – A Simple English Booklet about Sexual Assault

WWILD has developed an easy read booklet to support Queenslanders to understand

  • what is sexual violence
  • how it might make you feel
  • and what are your safety options,

This booklet was developed with the support of WWILD women, a range of colleagues from the Queensland Sexual Assault Sector, and with support from the 2019 Queensland Government Sexual Violence Prevention Grants program.

If you would like hard copies of the booklet for your organisation or have any questions, please contact Gillian at wwildmanager@wwild.org.au.

Download a copy of the booklet please click on link below.

WWILD_You deserve to be safe SA web [accessible]

This booklet and its content were developed and published by WWILD SVP ASSOCIATION INC.© 2019 All Rights Reserved.