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Prisoners with disabilities routinely face sexual, physical abuse: Human Rights Watch

Pete’s first stint in youth detention left a deep and lasting impression on him. At 14, he said he was sexually abused and beaten by fellow inmates at a juvenile correctional centre.

“It went from physical to mental to sexual, and that’s where I think a lot of my dramas began because I had my self-esteem kicked out of me,” he said.

Pete (not his real name) has an intellectual disability, along with depression and anxiety. He said this meant he was an easy target for bullying.

Key points:

  • 136 former and current prisoners with disabilities from 14 prisons were interviewed by Human Rights Watch
  • Of those interviewed, 41 reported experiencing physical violence at the hands of fellow prisoners or staff; 32 described being sexually assaulted by fellow prisoners or staff
  • HRW also noted nearly all those interviewed had been placed in solitary confinement at some point.