‘You Think You’re The Expert’ Booklet


WWILD has developed The And You Think You’re The Expert? booklet. Please note we only allow a maximum of 5 copies, so please put the number you would like up to 5 copies in the box.


‘You Think You’re The Expert’ Booklet

The And You Think You’re The Expert? booklet shares the advice and wisdom of 33 women and non-binary people who have an intellectual disability and have experienced violence. It is an accompaniment to the podcast, offering quotes from our experts about disability, violence and accessibility. It would be a useful for resource for aiding training and support for professionals and support workers supporting people with intellectual and learning disabilities.

It features advice for all types of workers who support people with intellectual disability experiencing violence, as well as specific sections for sexual violence counsellors, domestic violence workers, support workers, support coordinators, mental health workers and police officers.

If you’re organisation is interested in having some hard copies they are freely available for all government and community organisations. To view the booklet please go to: Youthinkyou’retheexpert website

PICK UP ONLY: If you would like to pick some up from our north Brisbane office, please phone or email info@wwild.org.au with your contact details, and the total number you would like. Please note though we can give only away a maximum of 5 copies for each order.

POSTED OR SHIPPED: Please note we limit each order to maximum of 5 copies. The only cost will be postage.