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Video shows boy with autism unlawfully pinned to the ground facedown by adults in ‘abusive’ NDIS-funded therapy

ABC News

Four Corners / By Anne ConnollyAmy Donaldson and Jessica Longbottom; Posted 25/9/23, updated 26/9/23
Please note this article and accompanying videos are very distressing. Please do not read further if you have experienced any kind of abuse or violence, and may be triggered or reminded of that.
Despite the upsetting nature of this story, WWILD feels this news story needs to be publicised and not ignored by the Commonwealth and state governments and the community. 

Children with autism and intellectual disabilities have been unlawfully pinned to the ground facedown by up to six workers as part of a controversial therapy funded by the NDIS.

Eighteen children took part in the “Severe Behaviour Program” at Irabina Autism Services in Melbourne.

The program involved children spending hours with staff in small, padded, windowless rooms as part of a therapy imported from the US. Each room had a camera and an observation room with a one-way mirror to allow others to observe the treatment.

Whistleblowers have told Four Corners that children, believed to be mostly aged between 10 and 14, were restrained by staff when they had “uncontrolled behaviours”.

They say workers would put on helmets and sometimes other protective gear before entering the room.

Four Corners has obtained shocking video which shows how one teenage boy with autism and a severe intellectual disability was treated.

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