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Sexual Assault and Ways to Report It: A Video series by women with intellectual disabilities.


WWILD have developed a series of animated videos that help people with intellectual disabilities learn about the different ways to report sexual assault to the police.

These videos were created by and targeted for people with intellectual disabilities.

We wanted to give people with intellectual disabilities accessible, correct and useful information when making choices after experiencing sexual violence.

The 6 animated videos were created with women with intellectual disabilities, from consulting on the scripts all the way to voice acting.

The resources explore what is sexual assault and the different ways a report can be made to the police to help people make informed decisions.

The videos will also help people to understand their rights and options when talking to the police.

We worked with people with intellectual disabilities, people with lived experience of sexual violence, the police and legal professionals to create correct and helpful resources.

The projected has been funded by the Queensland Government “Investing in Queensland Women” grants.

To view the videos, click HERE.